Our Partners

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At Kitchen Creations, we are grateful for years of experience in helping our clients make their dreams real. One of the reasons for our success is our fantastic partners who help us deliver the exceptional products and services you depend on.  Please have a look below at who these fine companies are and visit their websites for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom at 29 Avonlea Court where we will provide you with a closer look at the products these companies offer.



partner_01 Richelieu is the place to find kitchen, bath and cabinetry accessories and hardware. They sell quality products and delivery is usually within two business days of ordering.

partner_03 For obvious reasons. Dupont's Corian is probably the best-known of the solid surface countertop materials available today. Beautiful colors and patterns, expert fabrication and installation, and an exclusive ten-year warranty have made Corian the solid surface countertop of choice among discriminating homeowners.

partner_02 Premoule is our postform laminate countertop and thermoplastic component supplier. To learn more about the durability and versatility of these cost-effective products, take a browse through their site..... you'll be pleasantly suprised!